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Lifotronic shines in Medlab Middle East, leading the global medical frontier innovation

加载中... 2024-02-05
On February 5, 2024, the Medlab Middle East opened at the Dubai World Trade Centre.
At this event, Lifotronic’s showcased a series of products, such as ECLIA, HPLC, CBC and POCT products. Lifotronic presented a comprehensive solutions for large, medium and small sized laboratories to a global audience of experts and scholars.

With electricity, "light" Dubai
Lifotronic’s eCL8000 is one of the featured technology products at the exhibition. eCL8000, dubbed the king of emergency, has achieved great success in overseas markets thanks to the hard work of the international marketing team. It has earned the trust of customers from over 100 countries worldwide.
At this exhibition, Lifotronic introduced the latest product, the eCL9000 electro-chemiluminescence analyzer. This device is tailor-made for large labs, hospitals, and chain labs. It can perform 300 tests per hour at a constant speed, meeting the high demand of more than 100 samples per day. It also allows end users to easily conduct immunoassay tests. With a super long walkaway time of 5.5 hours, it frees up the operator’s time, improves work efficiency, and creates a more relaxed and flexible work environment. As a pioneer of electro-chemiluminescence platform in China, Lifotronic will keep innovating and launch the comprehensive solution of biochemistry and immunoassay assembly line soon to satisfy the needs of high-end customers.

Focus on diabetes management and enable accurate diagnosis
Diabetes is a growing global concern that challenges health systems everywhere. Lifotronic, a professional medical equipment supplier, has strong research and development capabilities and close clinical partnerships, and have developed a series of high pressure liquid chromatography analyzers to provide a complete solution for diabetes management and deliver accurate and reliable results for diabetes patients.

At this event, Lifotronic showcased their latest H100 high pressure liquid chromatography analyzer. With a test speed of 96s/T, it has a leading edge in the industry. It also has a one-click switch function for HbA1c and thalassemia modes. It’s convenient, fast, and accurate. H100 can greatly improve the analysis process and achieve the ideal balance of quality, efficiency, and cost. Its unique design and features drew many customers’ attention and interest at the exhibition.

Fully automatic hematology analyzer to help the construction of efficient laboratories
Thanks to the excellent R&D strength of Lifotronic’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Wheisman Medical Technology, Lifotronic has developed a successful series of hematology analyzer products. The AC310 and AC610 have been widely recognized by customers for their stable performance, which not only provides accurate and reliable clinical data for doctors, but also provides patients with a higher level of medical services. The AC630 hematology analyzer is the latest addition to the hematology analyzer series and attracted the attention of the audience in the exhibition. The fully automated operation of the AC630 not only significantly improves the operational efficiency of the laboratory, but also brings greater convenience to the laboratory operator. With the launch of AC630, Lifotronic has achieved a new milestone in its innovation and growth. It also demonstrates the company's determination to continue to move forward.


POCT solution to create a quality bedside testing experience
As the epidemic spreads widely, patients around the world need simple and quick POCT bedside testing products. Lifotronic offers a complete solution for POCT using fluorescence immunochromatography and colloidal gold rapid detection. The POCT fluorescence immunochromatography analyzer was a hit at the exhibition site, as it has many test parameters, is easy to carry, and detects fast. The single-use cartridge design can satisfy the needs of primary health care facilities and small to medium-sized labs with low sample volume.

Lifotronic is on a global journey of innovation, collaboration, and exchange, reaching from China, the Middle East, and Africa to Europe, America, and other parts of the world. Lifotronic is excited to work with its global customers to create a new vision for healthcare.