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At the Top Summit, Insight into the Future of Medical World

加载中... 2023-11-15

MEDICA 2023, the most prominent worldwide medical trade fairs, has been staged at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre on November 13, 2023. The event unveiled the latest medical equipment and devices, technology and services, and provided a valuable platform for technological cooperation and communication. 


Lifotronic Technology was showcased in Hall 1, 1E26 and Hall 4, 4B17 with its core products of IVD, clinical therapy and medical aesthetic products, which garnered significant attention from new and loyal partners.


In the field of IVD, Lifotronic Technology are focusing on the development of multi-technology platforms including eCLIA, HPLC and POCT. The eCLIA platform, with its 9-minute quick test speed, high throughput, and high sensitivity, provides optimal immunoassay solutions for emergency rooms and various laboratories. The HPLC platform for quick diagnose of HbA1c and Thalassemia, is the golden standard without variants interference. The POCT platform provides an easily accessible solution for multiple tests which can conduct on-site testing in various scenarios.


In the field of clinical therapy, Lifotronic Technology provide auxiliary solutions for various types of acute and chronic wounds,aiming to promote patient recovery and reduce the burden of diseases in perioperative complications and ICU. Disposable endoscope can reduce the cost of sterilization of surgical supplies and the risk of cross-contamination. With the help of pain management solution, the life quality of patients will be effectively improved. Furthermore, the medical aesthetic products are both safe and effective, catering to professional medical aesthetic organizations and the patients.


Lifotronic Technology is continuously strengthening its localization efforts and is establishing subsidiaries in strategic regions around the world. These subsidiaries are operated by professional teams to provide services to the local and neighboring regions. In the future, Lifotronic Technology will keep developing the international market and offering high-quality medical products and services to patients worldwide.