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SIMEM Exhibition: Lifotronic Leading the New Era of Global Medical Health

加载中... 2024-04-18
On April 17, 2024, the SIMEM exhibition in Algeria showcased the latest advancements in medical technology. Lifotronic Technology's international team presented four major product series, including ECLIA, HPLC, CBC, and POCT, offering an impressive display of medical and health technology to experts, scholars, and audiences worldwide.

HPLC: The Cutting-Edge Solution for Diabetes Management
With the escalating prevalence of diabetes as a chronic health concern, its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment have gained significant attention. Recognizing HbA1c as the premier indicator for assessing blood glucose levels, the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) has paved the way for Lifotronic to introduce a comprehensive range of HPLC instruments tailored to meet diverse needs across various application markets.
At the exhibition, Lifotronic proudly presents its latest innovation, the H100 high-performance liquid chromatograph. Renowned for its remarkable testing speed of 96 seconds per sample, the H100 solidifies Lifotronic's position as an industry leader. With a seamless one-click switching function between Variant Mode and Thalassemia Mode, this model offers unparalleled ease of operation, revolutionizing the analysis process and ensuring accurate and rapid testing, thus delivering an optimal blend of quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Innovative Hematology Analyzers: Transforming Diagnostic Accuracy and Efficiency
Hematology analyzers, vital tools for examining various components and indicators in blood samples, are indispensable medical devices that facilitate rapid and precise diagnosis. Lifotronic showcases the AC310 three-part instrument and the AC610 and AC630 five-part instruments.
At the forefront of this lineup is the newly launched AC630, which boasts an impressive array of features. With 31 parameters and a test speed of 70 tests per hour, it sets a new benchmark in hematology analysis. The AC630 ensures faster, more convenient, and accurate testing, all while maintaining exceptional cost-effectiveness. This instrument reflects Lifotronic's commitment to innovation and reliability, transforming diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

ECLIA: The Ultimate Solution for Rapid and Accurate Immunoassay Analysis
Lifotronic presents the eCL8000, a fully automated ECLIA analyzer, renowned as the undisputed "king of emergencies." This compact instrument, equipped with a built-in computer, maximizes laboratory space utilization, ensuring efficient workflow. With rapid test speeds, the eCL8000 delivers STAT test items in just 9 minutes, ensuring accurate and timely diagnostic results for doctors and patients.
Fully automated, the eCL8000 offers intuitive software for seamless operation and enhanced user-friendliness. Widely recognized in overseas markets, this analyzer has gained immense popularity among customers in over 100 countries worldwide, demonstrating its reliability and performance. The eCL8000 is the ultimate solution for rapid and accurate immunoassay analysis, revolutionizing the diagnostic landscape.

POCT: Revolutionizing Diagnostics with the FA-160 Portable Immunofluorescence Analyzer
Lifotronic presents the FA-160 portable immunofluorescence analyzer, a groundbreaking POCT solution that comes with a comprehensive series of test items. This compact yet powerful instrument automatically reads reagent information, eliminating the need for manual intervention. With a test time of no more than 3 seconds and reliable results with a CV under 3%, the FA-160 offers an efficient and convenient diagnostic solution across a wide range of application scenarios. Its portability and ease of use make it an ideal choice for rapid on-site testing, facilitating timely and accurate decision-making in critical care settings.