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Lifotronic shined at Hospitalexpo 2023

加载中... 2023-10-18

From Octobor 18 to 21, 2023, the Hospital Expo exhibition was held at the Jakarta Convention Center in Indonesia. The exhibition showcases the latest innovations and developments in the fields of health care, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical equipment. The Hospital Expo exhibition is the leading and most influential event in the medical industry of Indonesia. It has been held annually for 35 years, attracting more than 10,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors from around the world.

At the Hospital expo 2023, PT. Lifotronic Technology Indonesia team displayed the integrated IVD and Therapeutic solutions at Booth 82,89.


IVD Solutions
In the IVD field, Lifotronic showcased comprehensive platforms- ECLIA, HPLC, CBC and POCT.

The ECLIA platform offers advanced analysis solutions to the high end hospitals of Indonesia, the eCL8000 analyzer can deliver fast and accurate results in just 9 minutes, with an intelligent operating system that simplifies the testing process, making it suitable for large-scale and complex testing scenarios. Additionally, Indonesia is the country with the fifth highest prevalence of diabetes in the world, Lifotronic innovated HPLC analyzers to diagnose diabetes, which offer a full range of solutions for various market segments. Further more, Lifotronic POCT platform is also an ideal solution for small clinics and Puskesmas, which is easy to operate, portable, and cost-effective.

The most attention grabbing at the exhibition is the Lifotronic's ability  to  provide mature ODM and SKD services basing on partner's specific needs and preferences which highly complied with Indonesia policy on encouragingproduct localization. 

Therapeutic Solutions
The precise diagnosis is followed with an appropriate treatment. Lifotronic promotes the full solutions for wound care, intensive care, medical aesthetic, pain management and so on.
NPWT is most popular for chronic and acute wound healing enhancement. Airway clearance system helps patients remove the mucus from lower airway and reconstruct breathing function. Video laparoscopy guarantee doctors intubation and DVT pumps prevents deadly perioperative complications. Aesthetic physiotherapy will erase the aging mark from the face and body. Shockwave is the golden standard of chronic pain management all over the world. 


Localized development in Indonesia
As a high-tech medical equipment manufacturer, Lifotronic is committed to providing professional and reliable medical solutions and continues to expand its overseas market presence, actively engages in international cooperation and competition, for creating new advantages for its future development.

In 2022, Lifotronic established a local office in Indonesia - PT Lifotronic Technology Indonesia - to strengthen the cooperation with local medical institutions and explore the local market in depth and width. The Indonesian office is operated by an experienced team to give best localized support for both IVD and therapeutic products. 


Lifotronic will keep abreast of the latest industry trends and new technology applications, bringing more breakthrough product solutions to the global medical field.