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Lifotronic Showcases Revolutionary Diagnostic Solutions at the Russian Diagnostic Summit 2023

加载中... 2023-10-06
Russian Diagnostic Summit 2023(Российский Диагностический Саммит) was held from October 4th to 6th at the Crocus Expo Exhibition Center in Moscow. This is the largest and most professional medical diagnostic industry event in Russia and the entire CIS region, where medical technology companies, research institutions, and experts from around the world gather to share their latest research findings and technological advancements.

As an exhibitor at this summit,Lifotronic showcased its leading medical diagnostic solutionsand innovative technologies, especially diagnostic products that have been registered locally in Russia including fully automated Electrochemiluminescence analyzer, HPLC HbA1c analyzers,and other specialized solutions. These distinctive solutions have been sold in hundreds of countries worldwide and have gained market recognition. Their implementation in Russia has greatly contributed to improving the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of medical diagnostics in Russia and the entire CIS region. They have also promoted advancements and innovation in the field of medical diagnostics, strengthening cooperation and mutual benefits among countries along the Belt and Road in the field of medical diagnostics.

The summit also featured a rich program of scientific project seminars, including over 200 interdisciplinary roundtable meetings and practical workshops. This year, the summit focused on inflammation as a key topic of discussion.Lifotronic's 9-minute inflammation panel is one of the fastest inflammation diagnostic solutions on the market. It has broad applicability in infectious diseases, sepsis, cardiovascular diseases, and other related fields. Compared to traditional inflammation diagnostic methods, it not only saves valuable time for patients but also provides more accurate results, offering better diagnostic basis for doctors and patients.

Lifotronic is committed to collaborating with global partners to promote the development of the medical diagnostic field. By participating in the Russian Diagnostic Summit, we look forward to sharing the latest innovative achievements with medical professionals from around the world, engaging in in-depth exchanges with industry-leading companies and experts, exploring cooperation opportunities, and jointly addressing the challenges faced by Russia and the CIS region in the field of medical diagnostics.