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SmartScope VL
SmartScope VL
Video Laryngoscope
VL provides a better visualization of epiglottis. So can increase the first time attempt and overall intubation success rate. It can reduce applied force and intubation related complications, also help prevent clinician exposure to droplet-borne pathogens.
- High resolution camera with anti-fog excellent view
- Disposable blades of multiple sizes covering all ages  
- Data memory up to 4 million pics, 300 hours video 
- High definition touch screen can operate with gloves
Disposable Blades

Model Application
S1(N) Infant
S2(S) Child
S3(M) Adult
S4(L) Adult large

Reusable Blades
Model  Application
RL00 Premature baby(Miller)
RL0 Neonatal (Miller)
RL1 Child XS (Miller)
RC1 Child  XS (Macintosh)
RC2 Child  S (Macintosh)
RC3 Adult M (Macintosh)
RC4 Adult L(Macintosh)
RC5 Adult XL (D)

Reusable Handle
Light source High-intensity cold LED
Display and control Big true-color touch screen, panoramic field of view, can expand to bigger screen and projector
Screen Rotation Angle Up and down, left and right flexible adjustment
Power Supply Big lithium battery can support long time operation  
Power Charger Wireless
Power Management Automatic power saving