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Ultrasound-assisted Wound Debridement
UAW applies a low frequency ultrasound to achieve an easy to use and quick form of debridement, helps remove non-viable tissue which can delay healing and cause infection while avoid hurting healthy granulation tissues, resulting in a faster wound healing rate than sharp debridement.
- Big size true color touch screen of intuitive functional operation menu
- 3-in-1 design with ultrasonic debridement, high pressure irrigation and waste liquid collection
- Low frequency ultrasound with high probe tip vibration amplitude for better debridement 
- Acoustic power adjustable to reduce pain for better patient compliance
- Ultrasound conduction saline flow rate adjustable to maintain debridement result
- High irrigation flow rate for faster clearance
- Detachable hand piece and probe for quick change among different patients 
- Autoclavable probe to prevent cross contamination and save cost 

10-inch color LCD touch screen
Ultrasound Frequency 25 KHz
Debridement Probe Autoclavable
High Pressure Flush Up to 0.6 Mpa 
NPWC Negative pressure waste collection available
Session time 1-99 mins