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Lifotronic shined at AACC 2023

加载中... 2023-07-27

From July 25 to 27, 2023, the AACC exhibition was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, USA. This exhibition attracted about 900 exhibitors from around the world, who displayed the latest technology, equipment, and products for clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnosis.

The elite team of Lifotronic Technology presented a full range of in vitro diagnostic solutions at the exhibition, showcasing the outstanding innovation and strength of the Lifotronic brand to the global audience.


At this exhibition, Lifotronic displayed four major testing technology platforms: electrochemiluminescence, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), blood cell analysis, and point-of-care testing (POCT).

These product solutions, which combine these four platforms, can meet the basic testing needs of most laboratories.

However, Lifotronic has not been complacent. In recent years, it has invested heavily in research and development to advance the mass production of these technology platforms.

In the field of electrochemiluminescence, Lifotronic proudly introduced its latest masterpiece, the eCL9000 electrochemiluminescence analyzer, which can perform 300 tests per hour.

Customers were impressed by its high throughput, high sensitivity, and user-friendly design, and expressed strong interest in cooperation.

At the same time, the classic model, eCL8000, continued to be highly sought after by customers due to its compact design, stable performance, and rapid 9-minute testing capability, especially in emergency department and other clinical settings.

Through years of overseas promotion, it has maintained its position as the industry leader in China’s exports.

This model fills the gap in Lifotronic’s product lineup in the high-end market, meeting the stringent requirements of high-end customers for testing speed and performance in hemoglobin variant testing.

Customers at the exhibition highly praised the design innovation of the product.

Lifotronic’s hematology analyzer platform, which was newly added last year, covers the routine 3-part diff, 5-part diff, and animal models. As essential products in routine diagnostics, they greatly enrich the overall solution.

Since their launch, they have attracted high attention from both new and existing customers.

In the exhibition, Lifotronic also displayed the newly upgraded FA-160 and a variety of reagent solutions at this exhibition. With its advanced technology and optimal cost performance, it gained the recognition of the on-site customers and will become a new driving force for the company’s overseas market expansion.

The AACC exhibition provides an important platform for the development of the medical laboratory industry, and Lifotronic will continue to showcase its most advanced solutions and achievements on this platform.

Through communication and learning with professional visitors and experts from around the world, we will gain a deeper understanding and insight into the needs of the international market, enrich our knowledge and expand our global presence, and strive to provide more high-quality and cost-effective services for patients worldwide with our products and technologies.