Airpro-6000 Compression Therapy System(DVT)

Airpro-6000 Compression Therapy system is a clinically effective, non-invasive system designed for prevention of DVT, PE and secondary embolism. Widely applied to all types of major surgery, makes it welcomed in orthopedics, traumatology, urology and general surgery department.

-Venous Refill Detection
-Gradient Pressure Setting
-Every Chamber Pressure Adjustable

Key Features Application Mechanism

-Venous Refill Detection

The frequency of compression cycles is automatically adjusted according to the patient’s venous refill timemaximize blood flow  compared to fixed compression cycle.  

-Gradient Pressure Setting   

Professional for DVT prevention, pressure of calf and thigh 20-60mmHg adjustable, pressure of foot 120-140mmHg adjustable 

-Every Chamber Pressure Adjustable

Ensure more flexible treatment. For patients with pain area or not suitable for compression area can adjust the local chamber without pressure.  

DVT & PTE Prevention

Alleviate Lymphedema