NP-800/200 NPWT System

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) as a new wound repair therapy has been widely applied for different kinds of wounds.It can accelerate the wound healing,reduce infectious rate and length of hospital stay.
-Optimal with Instillation
-Continuous, Intermittent, and Dynamic (Variable) Mode
-Real Time Vacuum Monitoring
-Antibacterial filter system
-Multiple safety alarms with patient lock-out function
-Silent operation

Application Key Features Mechanism

Acute wounds, surgical wounds, burns
Chronic wounds: diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers and venous ulcers
Traumatic wounds, dehisced wounds
Skin flaps and grafts
Instillation optional helps treatment of contaminated and infected wounds
Multiple Therapy Modes: Continuous, Intermittent, Dynamic
Wide Negative pressure ranges
Real time vacuum monitoring
Antibacterial filter system
Multiple safety alarms with patient lock-out function
Silent operation
Macro Effects:
Removes exudate
Reduces edema
Removes infectious materials
Reduces in bacterial load
Lessens wound margins
Increases blood flow of the wound

Micro Effects:
Stimulates cell proliferation
Increases fibroblast migration
Promotes the formation of granulation tissue