Lifotronic in Medlab Middle East 2019

release time:2019-02-07

Medlab Middle East is a leading laboratory exhibition and conference spanning across Middle East, Asia and West Europe. Held from 4-7 February 2019, when is also the Chinese New Year, Lifotronic, as a professional manufacturer of IVD products, brings its diagnosis products to Medlab at Z2.J51 in Dubai.

During the conference, Lifotronic's high performance liquid chromatography diagnostic platform-HbA1c Analyzers, lateral flow immunoassay diagnostic platform, nephelometry diagnostic platform and electro-chemiluminescence (eCLIA) diagnostic platform are being presented.

HPLC HbA1c Analyzers, as flagship products in our international market, have exported to over 40 countries worldwide, including the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America. Electro-chemiluminescence Immunoassay System eCL8000, the new launched product of Lifotronic, attracts much attention in Medlab.

At Medlab Middle East 2019, the very first exhibition of Chinese New Year, we have enjoyed the company of many friends who come to visit us and we warmly welcome customers and distributors to build long-term partnership, delivering latest technologies to people all over the world.

Happy Chinese New Year!