Congratulations to Lifotronic Technology for winning the 2020 "Golden Quality Award" selected by Shanghai Securities News

release time:2021-01-06

On December 23, 2020, the "Building a New Development Pattern, Passing on Market Forces -- 2020 High-quality Development Forum of Listed Companies and the ‘Golden Quality’ Award Presentation Ceremony" organized by the Shanghai Securities News were held in Shanghai.

Shenzhen Lifotronic Technology Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "Golden Quality·Hardcore Award"

Wang Hong, Chief Financial Director of Lifotronic Technology, won the honorary title of "Golden Quality·Excellent Financial Director"

According to the organizer, there are more than 200 listed companies participating this time, and 20 companies have been selected for the "Golden Quality·Hardcore Award". More than 4,000 financial directors of listed companies participated in the election, and 16 were selected as the "Golden Quality·Excellent Financial Director".

The "Golden Quality·Hardcore Award" selects outstanding listed companies on the Sci-tech Innovation Board with strong technological innovation capabilities, strong technological R&D  motivations, and outstanding hard-tech features.

The "Golden Quality·Excellent Financial Director" aims to commend and encourage financial directors with outstanding performance in financial management innovation, outstanding financial leadership, and have excellent performance in areas such as corporate capital operation. In addition, this award intend to help establish a good image of the chief financial directors of listed companies in A stock market, and further demonstrate the overall outlook of listed companies in the Chinese capital market for 30 years.

Lifotronic Technology has insisted on taking technological innovation as the foundation of enterprise development since its establishment, and it has built a R&D team that covers multiple disciplines with strong innovation ability and rich R&D experience. Also, Lifotronic has built many innovation platforms including "Academician Workstation" and "Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center "Shenzhen Engineering Technology Research Center", "Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory", "Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Center". This has laid a good foundation for satisfying the R&D, innovation and development of Lifotronic Technology. At the same time, Lifotronic Technology continues to strengthen financial management and internal control auditing, enhance the transparency of experience and improve the level of standardized operation. Therefore, the corporate governance structure of Lifotronic is becoming more and more perfect.

Honor is an encouragement but also an incentive. Lifotronic Technology will take this opportunity and strive to make Lifotronic Technology a company that across life and time basing on the good corporate governance and through technological innovation, management innovation, and service innovation. To keep developing better products and services with outstanding value for people’s health and life, creating value for employees, shareholders and society.