Lifotronic Technology won Grand Prize in the 2020 China Association for Instrumental Analysis Award for science and technology (CAIA Award)

release time:2020-12-21

CAIA award is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and registered by the National Office for Science and Technology Awards. It is the only funds for science and technology award officially recognized by the country in the field of analysis and testing.

In 2020, 4 Grand prizes, 14 First prizes and 15 Second prizes were selected and awarded. The CAIA grand prize rewards major achievements with international leading level or huge social-economic benefits; first prize rewards achievements with international level or significant social-economic benefits; and second prize awards achievements with domestic leading level or good social-economic benefits .

The “R&D and clinical application of marker immunoassay technology” project basing on the core technology of electrochemiluminescence independently developed by Lifotronic won Grand Prize in the 2020 China Association for Instrumental Analysis Award for science and technology (CAIA Awards)! This project was completed by Lifotronic Technology collaborating with the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Suzhou Hybiome Biomedical Engineering Co., Ltd.