Leaders and experts from the School of Bioengineering of Chongqing University visited Lifotronic Technology

release time:2020-10-26

The party secretary, Guixue Wang, dean, Dr. Kaiyong Cai, deputy dean, Dr. Wensheng Hou and other professors, Dr. Li Yang, Dr. Xiang Wang, Dr. Xiaolin Zhen from the School of Bioengineering of Chongqing University visited Lifotronic  Technology and conducted on-site strategic cooperation inspections. They received warm reception from President Xiancheng Liu and other leaders of Lifotronic Technology.

President Xiancheng Liu first introduced the company's development background, corporate advantages, product services, strategic planning, corporate cultural concepts, etc. to the visitors. Dr. Kaiyong Cai, Dean of the School of Bioengineering, Chongqing University, introduced the development history of the college, its advantages and talent training in detail. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on subject development, laboratory construction, joint training of interns and postgraduates, short-term exchanges of young teachers, joint training of post-doctoral students, and the employment of college students, and reached a preliminary consensus. The two sides also conducted prospects and discussions on future cooperation in more fields.

The two sides held the signing ceremony for the establishment of the "Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony between the School of Bioengineering of Chongqing University and Shenzhen Lifotronic Technology Co., Ltd." and the establishment of the National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Vascular Implant Development-Shenzhen Lifotronic Technology Branch Center.

After the meeting, the leaders and experts of the college visited the product exhibition hall, the in vitro diagnostic reagent R, the reagent production clean workshop, the in vitro diagnostic instrument production workshop, the research and development office area, and the staff living area, and listened to relevant reports in detail. The leaders and experts of the college expressed their appreciation for Pumen Technology’s standardized R&D management, large-scale manufacturing system, and perfect staff supporting facilities. They once again felt the development speed and quality of Pumen Technology, and were full of various cooperation with Pumen Technology. confidence.