Colon Hydrotherapy System

Colonpro, Superstream and Flexstream are colon hydrotherapy systems that dedicate to cleanse colon, solve intestine problems, and remove toxic waste. Adopted by more than 10,000 families all over the world, Lifotronic colon hydrotherapy systems have improved thousands of people’s life quality. Innovative technology features Lifotronic products, distinguish them from similar products in the market.

Colonpro®--- Portable Colon Hydrotherapy System

>Portable, no installation needed
>2L water tank with heater
>3.6'' LCD screen with temperature, flow indication
>Adjustable flow (0.5~0.8 L/min)
>Blue ray sterilizer

Superstream®--- Intelligent Colon Hydrotherapy System

>Wall-mounted installation, less space requirements 
>Fast preheat, ready in 10 seconds
>5.9’’ LCD screen with full parameters indication
>Intelligent system with memory, self-adjusting function
>Optional ozone sterilizer

Flexstream®--- Professional Colon Enema System

>Work with speculum
>6” LCD screen with full parameters indication
>Drug box and View tube box
>3 stage filters and UV sterilizer
>20L water tank enable mobility to patient’s bedside
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